What Are YOU Listening To?

What we hear is important.  Therefore it’s critical that we examine the source.  What are you hearing about you or about YOUR life? What are you hearing about YOUR family, YOUR health or YOUR future?  Who Told You that? And, are they credible? 

Why does this matter? 

It matters because what we hear, determines what we do.  What we do, determines where we go. Where we go, determines our outcome.  It all starts with our hearing.

At WhoToldYou, we not only scrutinize the source, but we challenge the socially and statistically projected outcomes. 

Does it matter how you started out in life?  Does it really matter what the statistics say about your health, home, family, finances, or your situation in life?  We believe there IS another way and reject statistically projected outcomes.  We believe in and practice Statistics Free Living.  What about you? 

Join the movement!

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