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Adoption Journey & Roadblocks

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, both my husband and I are advocates at heart.  In fact, our joint interest in advocacy played a big role in our decision to adopt our son. When we adopted him, there were certain facts we knew about him.  But what we didn’t know about was us. How we would react to those facts about him when they’d repeatedly surface minute after minute, day after day, week after week and year after year.  Yes, we were given a ‘head’s up’ about special needs adoptions. But we’d never heard about Asperger’s Syndrome nor understood how it, along with the inherent challenges of parenting, would impact our marriage, our relationship to our siblings, our nieces and nephews, and to society at large.

I spent many nights searching for answers to our family “challenges” on the internet, but found nothing that really addressed what we were facing. Although I was convinced there were others out there like us, I could not find anyone. It was a desperate time and I felt very alone.  

Transforming Roadblocks into Launching Points

Despite these difficulties, our family got through this turbulent period through God’s grace; applying biblical principles; refusing to accept what was ‘statistically normal’; and being consistent.  

   John Adams said “Every problem [adversity] is opportunity in disguise.” The years of sleepless nights and desperate research to find other families that looked like ours became the catalyst for this website. But they were also the catalyst for years of community advocacy and public speaking. As an active member of several local organizations and an international public speaking organization, I have also developed and conducted youth public speaking programs throughout my community. Programs that were directly tied to my personal and professional growth during those turbulent years.

My heart’s desire is to help other women understand the uniqueness of their lives and their family dynamics.  To help them understand that the only standard for their homes is the GOD standard.  And to let them know — to let you know — that YOUR ARE NOT ALONE in your struggles.

I am not an expert, but I am a survivor and this site is for you. If you have questions, suggestions, would like information on the youth speaking programs, or just want a listening ear from someone who can relate to your struggles, feel free to reach out to me.

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