The Quilting Room

Do you remember how quilts were made and why? Back in the day, ladies got together at Quilting Parties to make quilts. Although quilting was done for the fun of it, they also had practical purposes. They were used as coverings for sleeping; on wagons to protect pioneers from dust and debris; as protection from the cold, and by slaves to send messages about the Underground Railroad.

Do you have any idea what quilts were made of? Any available material was used. People often used discarded pieces of fabric. Material someone had thrown away. Used parts of clothing or random scraps of fabric were woven together to create covering, comfort, and protection.

Why the Quilting Room?

The Quilting Room is about sharing our experiences as adoptive parents to offer wisdom, support and resources to other believers who are adoptive parents. Specifically those of you silently suffering in your homes, marriages, relationships or internally because your adoption experience is not what you thought it would be.  This room is for you.   

What Can You Find Here?

In the Quilting Room, we gather wisdom from the collected fabrics of our lives that may appear damaged, useless and even shameful. As we do this we cover, comfort and protect each other. Maybe you are not an adoptive parent, but you know someone who is.  Invite them to this Room.  They may be struggling and you know nothing about it.  Just as a quilt is created from the diverse tapestries of fabric, I hope this Room will provide wisdom, support and resources by bringing the vast tapestries of our experiences together. 

Welcome to The Quilting Room!

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