You are NOT Alone

A Parent’s Love

Do you remember (mom or dad) how you felt as you sent your child to their first day of school? Do you remember how your heart ached? Remember how you hovered outside that classroom door ready to run in at the slightest indication of distress? Even after the school staff sent you home because you were a distraction to the other students, you anxiously watched the clock wondering what was going on with your child?  That precious package you gently delivered to a school that was only looking out for their best interest.  Were they taking care of him? Were his/her needs being met?  How were they getting along with their classmates?  When would the school day be over?  Do you remember those days? 

Our Heavenly Father’s Love

Well, your Heavenly Father went through a similar adjustment with you.  He gently delivered you to planet earth in the womb of your mother.  In a womb that was cushioned in a placenta and incubated with stimuli and nourishment.  You were delivered into the world. An environment designed for you to create and reproduce yourself and your vision in.  But, unlike the school you delivered your precious package to, this world was a hostile environment that would require ongoing confrontation before it would conform. 

The love that caused you to hover, wonder and even worry about your child is the same love that originated from our Heavenly Father who delivered us to a hostile world.  How much more does His love cause Him to hover and care about us?  The difference is His presence in our lives is not restricted by hallways or distance.  He said He would never leave or forsake us.  He said NOTHING would ever separate us from His loving presence in our lives.  No trouble, famine, sickness or disease, no distance, authority or force would separate us.  Why?  Because He LOVES US. 

Call out to Him and take comfort in His presence. Take comfort in the presence of His Holy Spirit that is ALWAYS there no matter what we see or don’t see. Regardless of what you feel or don’t feel — You are NOT alone. Your Heavenly Father LOVES YOU!

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